SFFA Food Summit 2009

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Hungry for Change: Shaping food policies that are fair and sustainable

People and their organisations take the lead in planning our food future…

The NSW Food Summit started the framing of a state-wide food policy that will address affordable access to healthy food, sustainable food systems and farming, food safety and health.

Join us on the website…
…share your ideas on the development of  a safe and secure food system

ENQUIRIES: summit[at]sydneyfoodfairness.org.au

Final Declaration

DOWNLOAD SFFA Food Summit Final Declaration   ( 185 pdf document)


DOWNLOAD “Being At The Table:   A Local Partnership Response  To Food Insecurity” (pdf document 259 KB)

DOWNLOAD SFFA Food Summit – Presenter’s Details  (pdf document 337 KB)

DOWNLOAD South West Sydney tour details (pdf document 252KB)

DOWNLOAD North West Sydney tour details (pdf document 13KB)

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