SFFA Food Summit 2009 regional forums

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SFFA FOOD PRE-SUMMIT 2009 regional forums:

Hungry for Change: Shaping food policies that are fair and sustainable

During 2009, SFFA held a series of public regional forums , culminating in the Summit in October.

  • Illawarra: 1 July 2009
  • Eastern Suburbs and Sydney Inner West: 2 July 2009. 2 sessions: afternoon and evening workshops
  • Blue Mountains: Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre, Lawson. Saturday 18 July
  • Central Coast: 29 August 2009
  • Macarthur: Campbelltown Civic Centre.Tuesday 15 September 2009

These forums prepared the groundwork for developing a NSW Food Policy, by providing an opportunity for local organisations and individuals to identify issues of concern or potential actions that were considered by the SFFA Food Summit.

Four issues were discussed at the pre-summit public forums:

  • access to healthy food — cost, distribution, local outlets
  • planning for healthy food supplies — land use, transport / distribution
  • sustainable agriculture — practices, carbon footprint, organics, soil quality
  • food safety and health — synthetic inputs, new technologies, healthy diet.


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