Strategic Land Review

Posted on 11. May, 2012 by in Submissions

Sydney Food Fairness Alliance supports the submission from Caroona Coal Action Group in relation to the Strategic Land Review. (specifically on Aquifer Interference)


As an organisation working to ensure sustainable food systems for the future, Sydney Food Fairness Alliance (SFFA) is very concerned  at the apparent abandonment of pre-election promises made by the O’Farrell government in relation to protection for farming land in NSW’s most productive agricultural regions.

Australia has limited land suitable for the agricultural production and it makes no sense to jeopardise some of our best land, by putting short-term gain for a few companies ahead of protection of long-term sustainable assets for the Australian community.

Australia’s food production needs will rise in the future, particularly in light of extensive projected population growth, and the impact of peak oil on cost of importing foods from overseas.

The SFFA is an alliance of diverse groups including health workers, nutritionists, primary producers, environmentalists, planners, academics, human rights workers and charitable organisations. We believe that the groundswell of public opinion is shifting towards recognition of the urgent need to act now to protect our land and water, with abundant evidence of the environmental problems created when we ignore sustainability concerns.

This submission by Caroona Coal Action Group explains in detail why the Aquifer Interference Policy is flawed, and we support the CCAG in their carefully researched assertions. We urge the government to commit to much more thorough research, to adopt the precautionary principle in all considerations of the coal seam gas industry, and to ensure a much more stringent regulatory framework for CSG activities.


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