Organic Garden Promotes Health

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Article from the Liverpool Champion:

Organic gardening promotes health

20 Jun, 2012 12:00 AM

TO HELP the Miller community become more self-sustainable and ensure the security of its food, The Hub has started an ambitious but thriving community garden project.

The project will run in eight-week instalments until October and will teach residents how to plant and manage organic gardens to grow vegetables and herbs that are not only delicious but also have medicinal value.

Miller Hub health promotion officer Andrew Reid said herbs like basil, parsley, chilli, mint and oregano had already been planted.

“We’ve planted things that people use every day in their cooking,” he said. “This is to encourage people to be more conscious of nutrition as well as sustainable living.

“Food security and nutrition are big issues that already exist in Western Sydney. This program gives people practical lessons and information they can use at home.”

Mr Reid said the project taught people how to grow their own vegetables at low cost, that were low maintenance, in a small area.

“This is a capacity building program that encourages community strength,” he said. “Part of managing good health is to address health problems.

“We’re addressing issues of social isolation and food insecurity, as well as teaching residents to develop a skill so that they don’t have to buy as many groceries and compete with a low income to make ends meet.”

The free project is open to all and runs 10am-2pm every Friday. Join at any time.

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