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Can’t eat your house – development threatens food bowl: Presentations

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In October the Sydney Food Fairness held a public forum as part of the Crave Sydney International Food Festival. The event brought together experts in the area including NSW Farmers Association President Fiona Simson, rural planning consultant Ian Sinclair, WSROC President Alison McLaren and Urban Research Centre Director Phillip O’Neill.

Video footage and downloadable speaker presentations from the event are shown below.

WSROC President Alison McLaren (11.06 minutes)


NSW Farmers Association President Fiona Simson (13.52 minutes)


Urban Research Centre Director Phillip O’Neill. (14 minutes)


Rural planning consultant Ian Sinclair (13.13 minutes)


DOWNLOAD … Ian Sinclair’s presentation,  Contested Landscapes

DOWNLOAD... Map of Western Sydney Petroleum Leases (pdf   )

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Victorian Food Supply Scenario Report

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The Victorian Eco-Innovation Lab (VEIL) was recently comissioned by VicHealth to undertake some research into the impacts on the availability of a nutritious diet. VIEL collaborated with the CSIRO, Deakin University and the Victorian Department of Planning and Community Development for the project.

The purpose of the project was to develop and demonstrate a new methodology to link land and resource use with availability of a nutritionally adequate food supply for Victoria’s population. The final report builds on the CSIRO’s stocks and flows model which is used as a platform for the on-going “what-if” investigation of Victorian and Australian food supply security.

DOWNLOAD… the VEIL Food Supply Report from their website as a pdf file.

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SFFA Bimonthly Meeting 5 July – 2 Speakers, GE and Foreign Ownership

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GE presentation with Frances Murrell from MADGE
In July 2010  Melbourne-based Frances Murrell, co-founder of Mothers Are Demystifying Genetic Engineering (MADGE)  spoke on  concerns regarding health and food security.

Frances was profiled this year in this piece in the Weekend Australian magazine. She recently spoke at an international conference on GM.

We should be selling the milk and not the cow:

Catherine Rogers  spoke on  what we know about foreign ownership of agricultural land and its impact on future food security

Over the last few days, the question of rapidly increasing foreign ownership of Australian agricultural land has been headline news, highlighting the lack of planning by State and Federal governments for Australia’s future food security.

Catherine Rogers has been investigating sovereign wealth funds and the implications for Australian farming land, and will speak about who is taking up this issue and what is currently on the table to ensure we don’t ‘sell the farm’ before we notice.

You can view Frances Murrell’s talk on  YouTube.

Part 1 (9.59 min)

Part 2 (9.01 min)

Part 3 (7.07 min)

Part 4 (2.11 min)

Part 5 (10 min)

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National Sustainable Food Summit Report

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The Sustainable Food Summit 2011 brought together over 230 of food and agriculture’s biggest players and leading experts in a two-day exchange of knowledge and ideas.

The goal was to share ideas that could inform a vision for Australia’s food system in 2030; to examine the challenges and constraints of the current food system, and explore opportunities for change that would support a transformation to a resilient, adaptable and sustainable food system.

Various key stakeholders attended the summit including academics and researchers, farmers, food manufacturers, sustainability professionals, government and policy makers, retailers and financiers.

The report produced from the summit can be found here.

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Australian Government report on food security

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The Federal Government has established a  National Food Policy Working Group to discuss, investigate and advise on policies and challenges faced by the food and agriculture indistries about the future of Australia’s food supply.

The group will be made up of supermarket giants, farmers, service providers and leading scientists, which includes   Elders’ chief executive officer Malcolm Jackman, Linfox Logistics’ Michael Byrne, CSIRO’s Dr Alastair Robertson, Simplot Australia’s Terry O’Brien, OBE Organics’ Simone Tully, Boost Juice’s Janine Allis, Australian Food and Grocery Council’s Kate Carnell, Choice’s Nick Stace, Graincorp’s Alison Watkins, ACTU Secretary Jeff Lawrence along with Professor Williams from UOW.

Federal Agriculture Minister Tony Burke said he wanted Australia to adopt the same “strategic approach to food manufacturing” that has been taken with the car industry — “simple as that”.

Similarly, the Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, Senator Kim Carr, has released a report titled ‘Australia and Food Security in a Changing World’ and can be found here. Some interesting points from the report include:

  • The recognition of a society wide lack of appreciation of the fundamental role of food in health.
  • A recommendation to develop incentives to recruit and nurture future generations of innovative and adaptive farmers, researchers and associated professionals for the Australian food production and processing sectors.

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The Metropolitan Strategy – Review 2010

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The Metropolitan Strategy – City of Cities: A Plan for Sydney’s Future: Review 2010

DOWNLOAD … Metropolitan Strategy Review 2010 (231KB pdf)

In early 2010, a review was announced of Sydney’s Metropolitan Strategy, Sydney Towards 2036 , the first five-yearly review since the Strategy was written in 2005 . This submission was prepared on behalf of SFFA by Lynne Saville, Dr Frances Parker and Liz Millen. It focuses mainly on Section 8 of the discussion document ‘ Balancing land uses on the city fringe’.

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The Parents Jury

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Presentation by Kathy Chapman, at the SFFA Public Forum: Food Fight!  March 2010.

DOWNLOADThe Parents Jury (pdf 3.71 MB)

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