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Undermining our food bowls – how CSG & mining are threatening future food: FORUM 6 FEB 2012

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SFFA held a very successful forum  Undermining our Food Bowl  in February in Sydney with speakers – Tim Duddy Caroona Coal Action Group, Rosemary Nankivell,  CSG Committee Chairperson and organiser of the successful blockage against Santos, and Helen Redmond from Doctors for the Environment

The debate about mining and coal seam gas on prime agricultural land in NSW  is heating up, at a time when food security is becoming an increasing global concern.  More than half of NSW is covered by titles for coal, mineral or CSG exploration or production but  the question of what this means for food production is yet to be answered.

The absence of real commitment to identifying, protecting and preserving agricultural land has led to continued uncertainty for farmers. It also  undermines  our ability to control quality, price and availability in an increasingly resource-scarce and climate-change affected environment.

Read the presentations and watch the video clips.


Utter Madness – the video of land on the Liverpool Plains shown at the forum. (7.22 min)

A concise overview of the forum (6.52 min)

Tim Duddy (11.54 min)

Rosemary Nankivel (19.37 min)

Presentation from Rosemary Nankivell  (pdf 1.61MB )

Helen Redmond (15.22 min)

Presentation from Helen Redmond, Doctors for the Environment. (pdf 440KB)


Alfalfa House
Foodconnect Sydney
Erland Howden
3Dots Studio
The Wilderness Society





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National Food Plan – our response to the issues paper

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We would like to see the National Food Plan Working Group expanded to be more representative of a broad range of stakeholders. We also recommend that the Working Group adopt a similar approach to that taken by the Scottish government and many cities such as Toronto, Vancouver and London in developing their food policies, which have been strengthened through encouraging public debate which gathers and disseminates information simultaneously.

DOWNLOAD… SFFA’s response to the issues paper  National Food Plan August 2011

DOWNLOAD… SFFA’s  response  on the Department of Agriculture’s website

Despite previously not committing to further public consultation, the Federal Government has since announced further rounds of stakeholder consultation in line with our recommendations.

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Can’t eat your house – development threatens food bowl: media coverage.

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In October the Sydney Food Fairness held a public forum as part of the Crave Sydney International Food Festival. The event brought together experts in the area including NSW Farmers Association President Fiona Simson, rural planning consultant Ian Sinclair, WSROC President Alison McLaren and Urban Research Centre Director Phillip O’Neill.

DOWNLOAD…  Daily Telegraph article

DOWNLOAD…  CSG mining puts food at risk – AAP

DOWNLOAD…  Report in Penrith Star      (PDF 156kb)

LISTEN…  Listen to Liz Millen and Fiona Simson on The Alan Jones Show




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Food Plan must be sustainable and ensure good food for all

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Thursday, 1 September 2011:

A major overhaul is needed to ensure fair, sustainable and resilient food systems in a climate-change affected environment and there needs to be an extended period of public debate on our future food system, food groups will say in their submissions on a National Food Plan due tomorrow.

DOWNLOAD… Joint SFFA and AFSA Media Release:
Food Plan must be sustainable and ensure good food for all (PDF 90kB)

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