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The Right to Food Coalition

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New times have brought new agendas, new people, and new ideas …

The SFFA believes that the Right to Food Coalition is the perfect new platform for its advocacy work on food security.  Interested to know what it is all about and be part of it? visit the Right to Food Coalition website and join the organisation (membership is free) to be part of the large network of individuals and organisations dedicated to the idea of a food system that is fair to all.

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WHEN: FRIDAY, 20 FEBRUARY 2015, 6 pm for 7 pm start. 6-7 pm: networking, 7 pm: Introduction by Joel Salatin and talk by Dr Vandana Shiva

WHERE: Teachers Federation (NSW) Conference Centre, 37 Reservoir Street, Surry Hills, SYDNEY

ENTRY FEE: $45 General Admission, $35 Conc.

AGAPE SNACK PACK: $12 - pre-order (Vegetarian option: Roast Pumpkin Frittata & Salad; Vegan option: Salad of the Day)


MORE INFO: Catriona Macmillan, 0402 404 361,


DR VANDANA SHIVA is a scientist, ecologist, author and winner of the Sydney Peace Prize. She also featured in the documentary “Dirt!”. In celebration of 2015, the Year of the Soil, Dr Vandana Shiva will give a talk on the importance of seed freedom and food democracy for the future of our food and land. Dr Shiva will also address the US human trials of GM banana.

Find out more about Dr Vandana Shiva at http://vandanashiva.com and

JOEL SALATIN of Polyface Farms is an American organic farmer and author featured in the documentary “Food Inc”. Joel will give an introduction to Dr Shiva’s talk. Joel is in Australia to teach his one day workshops “You Can Farm” in Sydney on 21 February 2015 and Melbourne on 22 February 2015. Find out more about Joel Salatin at and


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Beware of the Trans-Pacific Partnership!

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Top secret negotiations for the massive Trans-Pacific Partnership are wrapping up in New York City today. World leaders claim they made major progress — and they are just months away from passing this devastating deal. 

The TPP will have massive implications for all of us — handing corporations new powers to sue governments for passing laws that protect workers and the environment.

With talks rapidly nearing completion, it’s more important than ever to understand the problems with this dangerous deal.  The social movement SumOfUS has teamed up with a group of organizations, including GetUp!, to make a video that explains one of the most serious issues with the TPP — investor state dispute settlement (ISDS), allowing big corporations to sue governments for billions. Here it is.

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Explore the Putting Food on the Table Conference Tab!

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The Right to Food Coalition’s inaugural food security conference Putting Food on the Table: Food Security is Everyone’s Business was held on 13 & 14 October 2014 at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Sydney. Over 150 delegates from across Australia, ranging from policy makers, academics, community development and health professionals, came together to be inspired, explore solutions and initiate action on the governance, community, population and communication issues causing food insecurity.

Conference presentations, videos and documents are now available under this website’s ‘Right to Food Coalition Conference 2014‘ tab. Please feel free to browse for more information!

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SFFA Food Security Survival Kit Now Available

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Sydney Food Fairness Alliance is all about food security. We consider that it is highly important to lay the foundations on which to build a sustainable and food secure planet. Our primary focus is Sydney but we network more broadly.

In a world where our food security is threatened, environmentally, politically, industrially, economically, agriculturally, climatically, in fact on so many levels, we need to be able to connect with our food systems socially, practically and ethically, and share our resources.

There are many things we can do from advocacy and action to improve access, to supporting growers markets and community gardens, or growing our own food and sharing plants and seeds, and learning to be innovative with what we have.

This Food Security Survival Kit provides a broad range of relevant links over which to ponder ways we can act to evolve a sustainable pathway towards food security now and for all future generations.

Food Security Survival Kit’s will be distributed at the Right to Food Coalition’s Putting Food on the Table Conference. To access the fact, sheet click on the following link:

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Mamre House Events

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Check out some wonderful events coming up at Mamre House in October 2014:

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Food@Sydney Seminar Series 2014

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An exciting initiative from the Food, People, and Planet node of the Sydney University Environment Institute, a series of 7 seminars discussing food waste, obesity, nutrition, sustainability of our food systems, etc…

Check-out the dates and times/venues at

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