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SFFA July 2014 Meeting Presentation Notes – Oxfam GROW Campaign

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Thank you to all who attended the SFFA open meeting in July. Below are the main points and website links from the presentation. Enjoy!
Oxfam Australia GROW campaign aims to tackle the many complex issues of global hunger and food security. Oxfam has been looking at all aspects of food security and recognise that the most important issues include :-
The changing climate
Lack of investment in small scale producers
The growing phenomena of land grabs
The actions of large global food companies
The actions of consumers
Sky Rocketing food prices
Oxfam encourages individuals to take a range of actions in their own lives that can assist in creating a fair food future. Oxfam works with the worlds 10 biggest food companies to ensure that their practices are not unfairly disadvantaging poor farmers through out their supply  chains and we work with governments to ensure investment in small scale agriculture and work to secure strong climate mitigation targets and to do our fair share in terms of assisting communities around the globe adapt to climate change impacts.
Here are the links to reports discussed:
1 . Hot and Hungry –Climate change and impacts on food security.
2. The Food Transformation report – Harnessing consumer power to create a fair food future.
3. Banking on Shaky Ground – Land Grabs and the role of Australian Financial Institution.

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What a great success!

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The recent event “Sustainable Farming for a Sustainable City” held at Richmond was a great success! So thank you to all of you who helped with organising, promoting, and attending the event.  Over 130 people came to be part of a very engaged discussion.

A very special thanks to Liz Millen and Vivienne Reiner (both from SFFA) to bring all their support to the event.

Here is the link to the ABC Radio interview of Fred Haskins from NSW Farmers Association commenting on the challenges of city fringe farming.

Watch the videos of some of the keynote speakers.

Maarten Stapper’s presentation  makes the link between food systems, health and the importance of things such as community gardens in bringing back respect for the food and environment.

Julia McKay is Secretary of the national body of the Natural Sequence Association (NSA), is a lawyer, a farmer and a Natural Sequence Farming (NSF) practitioner.

We love to talk about Sustainable Sydney, but we don’t prioritise one of the mainstays of a sustainable city — our local, fresh and productive food supply.
Lynne Wilkinson — (Ausbuy) will put local food in the context of food security and food standards and ask the question: who do we want to feed us in the future?

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More on CSG – Rosemary Nankivell’s letter to The Financial Review

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Below are further current documents on CSG.

READ… Rosemary Nankivell’s letter to The Financial Review 15 February 2012

READ… CSG Economic Modelling   On the alleged benefits of the Santos coal seam gas project in North West NSW.   Australian Institute Feb 2012.

READ…  Media Release  Local communities should question the alleged benefits of Santos NSW CSG projects. Australian Institute Feb 2012

LISTEN… Alan Jones speaks to activist Drew Hutton

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Undermining our food bowls – how CSG & mining are threatening future food: FORUM 6 FEB 2012

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SFFA held a very successful forum  Undermining our Food Bowl  in February in Sydney with speakers – Tim Duddy Caroona Coal Action Group, Rosemary Nankivell,  CSG Committee Chairperson and organiser of the successful blockage against Santos, and Helen Redmond from Doctors for the Environment

The debate about mining and coal seam gas on prime agricultural land in NSW  is heating up, at a time when food security is becoming an increasing global concern.  More than half of NSW is covered by titles for coal, mineral or CSG exploration or production but  the question of what this means for food production is yet to be answered.

The absence of real commitment to identifying, protecting and preserving agricultural land has led to continued uncertainty for farmers. It also  undermines  our ability to control quality, price and availability in an increasingly resource-scarce and climate-change affected environment.

Read the presentations and watch the video clips.


Utter Madness – the video of land on the Liverpool Plains shown at the forum. (7.22 min)

A concise overview of the forum (6.52 min)

Tim Duddy (11.54 min)

Rosemary Nankivel (19.37 min)

Presentation from Rosemary Nankivell  (pdf 1.61MB )

Helen Redmond (15.22 min)

Presentation from Helen Redmond, Doctors for the Environment. (pdf 440KB)


Alfalfa House
Foodconnect Sydney
Erland Howden
3Dots Studio
The Wilderness Society





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Can’t eat your house – development threatens food bowl: Presentations

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In October the Sydney Food Fairness held a public forum as part of the Crave Sydney International Food Festival. The event brought together experts in the area including NSW Farmers Association President Fiona Simson, rural planning consultant Ian Sinclair, WSROC President Alison McLaren and Urban Research Centre Director Phillip O’Neill.

Video footage and downloadable speaker presentations from the event are shown below.

WSROC President Alison McLaren (11.06 minutes)


NSW Farmers Association President Fiona Simson (13.52 minutes)


Urban Research Centre Director Phillip O’Neill. (14 minutes)


Rural planning consultant Ian Sinclair (13.13 minutes)


DOWNLOAD … Ian Sinclair’s presentation,  Contested Landscapes

DOWNLOAD... Map of Western Sydney Petroleum Leases (pdf   )

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When Food Systems Collide – Response from Woolworths Ltd.

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As part of the Crave Sydney International Food Festival, SFFA hosted a Q&A “When Food Systems Collide”.

The panelists were Myles Bremner, head of Garden Organics in the UK and a member of the London Food Board, Ed Biel, an orchardist from the Sydney Basin; Cate Faehrmann , Greens MLC member; Julian Lee from Food Connect in Sydney and Catriona Macmillan, founder of the Organics Directory
They debated ideas about our current and possible future food systems – and how we might get
Unfortunately an accident on the day of the forum prevented the Woolworths representative from attending, but audience questions to Woolworths were collected and forwarded to the company after the event.

Woolworths’s response is now available.

DOWNLOAD…Answers from Woolworths Ltd to questions from SFFA members. (pdf. 150KB)

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SFFA Bimonthly Meeting 5 July – 2 Speakers, GE and Foreign Ownership

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GE presentation with Frances Murrell from MADGE
In July 2010  Melbourne-based Frances Murrell, co-founder of Mothers Are Demystifying Genetic Engineering (MADGE)  spoke on  concerns regarding health and food security.

Frances was profiled this year in this piece in the Weekend Australian magazine. She recently spoke at an international conference on GM.

We should be selling the milk and not the cow:

Catherine Rogers  spoke on  what we know about foreign ownership of agricultural land and its impact on future food security

Over the last few days, the question of rapidly increasing foreign ownership of Australian agricultural land has been headline news, highlighting the lack of planning by State and Federal governments for Australia’s future food security.

Catherine Rogers has been investigating sovereign wealth funds and the implications for Australian farming land, and will speak about who is taking up this issue and what is currently on the table to ensure we don’t ‘sell the farm’ before we notice.

You can view Frances Murrell’s talk on  YouTube.

Part 1 (9.59 min)

Part 2 (9.01 min)

Part 3 (7.07 min)

Part 4 (2.11 min)

Part 5 (10 min)

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