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Food Matters – What role can Councils play?

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For the first ever ‘Fair Food Week’ coordinated by the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance, the Sydney Food Fairness Alliance is pleased to invite you to an exciting forum exploring how Councils can address food security in their local communities.

You will hear keynote speakers discussing current food issues,  you may want want to participate to lightning talks showcasing innovative Council’s initiatives, or network and discuss project ideas.

Who should attend this forum: local government staff in social and urban planning, community and economic development, environmental sustainability and waste management.  Senior management and Councillors are also welcome.

When: Tuesday 20 August 2013
Time: 10:00am – 3:00pm (registration from 9:30am)
Where: Parramatta Town Hall, 182 Church Street, Parramatta
(Metered parking on Macquarie Street or Horwood Place. Parramatta Public Transport Interchange a short walk from Argyle Street).
Cost: $20 registration fee. Morning tea and light lunch provided.

To register, you can download the registration form by clicking here or simply email info@sydneyfoodfairness.org.au and we’ll organise registration for you.


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Local Government and Food Security: An Evidence Review

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This review of existing intiatives across Australia, Canada, UK, and the US is a first step to understand associations between various factors in the urban form, the food system and community and household food security. Admittedly, we still lack high level impact and outcome data that demonstrate and document the efficacy of interventions in any of these areas. But one thing is sure: the urban form and the food system can be modified and the modifications have the potential to have an impact on food security.

Whilst the literature is growing, we need much more documentation of what is being done, and better process, impact and outcome evaluation. We also need more experience and evidence from the local rather than North American scene.

Download the report here

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Organic Garden Promotes Health

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Article from the Liverpool Champion:

Organic gardening promotes health

20 Jun, 2012 12:00 AM

TO HELP the Miller community become more self-sustainable and ensure the security of its food, The Hub has started an ambitious but thriving community garden project.

The project will run in eight-week instalments until October and will teach residents how to plant and manage organic gardens to grow vegetables and herbs that are not only delicious but also have medicinal value.

Miller Hub health promotion officer Andrew Reid said herbs like basil, parsley, chilli, mint and oregano had already been planted.

“We’ve planted things that people use every day in their cooking,” he said. “This is to encourage people to be more conscious of nutrition as well as sustainable living.

“Food security and nutrition are big issues that already exist in Western Sydney. This program gives people practical lessons and information they can use at home.”

Mr Reid said the project taught people how to grow their own vegetables at low cost, that were low maintenance, in a small area.

“This is a capacity building program that encourages community strength,” he said. “Part of managing good health is to address health problems.

“We’re addressing issues of social isolation and food insecurity, as well as teaching residents to develop a skill so that they don’t have to buy as many groceries and compete with a low income to make ends meet.”

The free project is open to all and runs 10am-2pm every Friday. Join at any time.

Details: The Hub,


READ…  Organic Garden Promotes Health

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Discussion papers

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The Alliance’s discussion sheets are an educational resource about our food system and how we can improve it:

What is the Sydney Food Fairness Alliance

Who Are We?

THE ALLIANCE formed in Sydney in 2005 to coordinate the efforts of rural producers, health professionals, community workers and community-based advocates active in developing a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable food system in the Sydney region.

DOWNLOAD… What is the Sydney Food Fairness Alliance (pdf 543KB, Version 2: January 2009)

Why do we need a food policy?

A food policy is a plan of action to meet a society’s food and nutrition needs, and a food policy is something we need in NSW. A policy would guide decision making on all aspects of the food system, prioritising the security of our food supply.

DOWNLOAD… Why do we need a food policy? (pdf 924KB)

Understanding Food Insecurity

FOOD INSECURITY is that constant feeling of anxiety that comes from trying to provide enough food for yourself or your family. The idea that food insecurity exists in an affluent nation like Australia might sound a bit far fetched.

DOWNLOAD… Understanding Food Insecurity (pdf 1.42MB, Version 1: August 2007)

Understanding Food Miles

THE ‘FOOD MILE’ is a measure of the distance food travels from where it is grown or raised to where it is purchased by the consumer. Increasingly in Australia, supermarket shelves are stocked with imported food and food products that have been hauled thousands of kilometres: kiwifruit from Italy, oranges from Brazil.

DOWNLOAD… Understanding Food Miles (pdf 1.93MB, Version 1: October 2006)

Options for an Alternative Food System

Save the world? Change the way you eat…

FOOD, IT’S MANY THINGS — but enjoyable though it might be, food has become the focus of serious concern over the way it is grown, processed, distributed and served.

DOWNLOAD… Options for an Alternative Food System (pdf 1.45MB, Version 1: October 2006)

What are Community Gardens

GROWING YOUR OWN fresh food in your local community garden is a new way to healthy eating practiced by increasing numbers of Australians.

DOWNLOAD… What are Community Gardens (pdf 1.14MB, Version 1: August 2007)

People Gather Around Food

Celebrating food and culture

FOOD NOURISHES and connects us. Every day, all over the world, people gather around food, whether for the simple satisfaction of hunger or to re-create the bonds that connect us — what the noted Australian chef and author, Stephanie Alexander, calls “the community of the table”.

DOWNLOAD… People Gather Around Food (pdf 846KB, Version 1: October 2006)

Sydney Basin Agriculture

local food, local economy

“SOME OF THE MOST fertile and productive agricultural land in Australia is found in the Hawkesbury-Nepean catchment on Sydney’s western edge — the Sydney Basin.

DOWNLOAD… Sydney Basin Agriculture (pdf 431KB, Version 1: December 2006)

Food and Climate Change

Is climate change really occurring?

“Yes, climate change is a reality. According to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (2007), the warming of the climate system is unequivocal and is predominantly due to human activities such as fossil fuel burning and land use changes….”

DOWNLOAD… Food and Climate Change (pdf 1MB, Version 1: 23 February 2009)

Where Has All Our Food Gone?

Influences on the global food supply

“Price rises, grain shortages, crop failures… what’s happening to our global food system? What is happening is that a number of trends have converged to stress the food system…”

DOWNLOAD… Where Has All Our Food Gone? (pdf 1.06MB, Version 1: 23 February 2009)

Overweight and Obesity

the hidden role of food insecurity

Obesity is on the increase and in developed countries the prevalence of overweight and obesity among adults is thought to be between 50-65 percent. This is becoming a major public health concern through the link to chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cardio vascular disease, osteoarthritis and various cancers.

DOWNLOAD… Overweight and Obesity (pdf 534KB, Version 1: April 2009)

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