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National Sustainable Food Summit Report

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The Sustainable Food Summit 2011 brought together over 230 of food and agriculture’s biggest players and leading experts in a two-day exchange of knowledge and ideas.

The goal was to share ideas that could inform a vision for Australia’s food system in 2030; to examine the challenges and constraints of the current food system, and explore opportunities for change that would support a transformation to a resilient, adaptable and sustainable food system.

Various key stakeholders attended the summit including academics and researchers, farmers, food manufacturers, sustainability professionals, government and policy makers, retailers and financiers.

The report produced from the summit can be found here.

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SFFA calls for policy to safeguard the future of NSW food

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Late last year an alliance of consumers, health workers and sustainability advocates called on the NSW Government to establish an independent Food Policy Council to develop an integrated policy response to food security challenges.

In september 2010 the Sydney Food Fairness Alliance presented its case for a food policy during a special presentation at NSW Parliament.

‘NSW consumers and producers are increasingly concerned about the cost of diet-related disease, the loss of agricultural land to development, climate change and water insecurity’, said SFFA spokesperson and Eco Justice Coordinator at the Edmund Rice Centre, Jill Finnane.‘The Sydney Food Fairness Alliance urges the NSW Government to respond to these challenges by developing and implementing an integrated, whole of government food policy’, Jill continued.

The presentation at NSW Parliament canvased the value of forming an independent Food Policy Council.

‘The SFFA submits that the NSW Government must convene an independent Food Policy Council to meaningfully engage community, business and government stakeholders to respond to the challenge of securing an affordable, healthy food supply for NSW, now and into the future’, said Jill.

The presentation was hosted by Macarthur region MPs Philip Costa, Geoff Corrigan, Andrew McDonald and Graham West.

The keynote speaker was David Mason, an expert on urban agriculture.

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SFFA calls on the Australian Government to adopt a food policy

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In July, the Sydney Food Fairness Alliance wrote to both the Minister for Agriculture, the Hon. Tony Burke, and the Parliamentary Secretary for Health, the Hon. Mark Butler, to urge the Australian Government to develop and implement a national food policy.

The SFFA submitted that this policy must seek to foster access to affordable, healthy food, that has been produced in a sustainable manner, for all Australians. The letter also called on the Government to actively consult with community stakeholders – including the SFFA – in the development of this policy.

10.07.23 Letter to Minister for Agriculture from SFFA re food policy

10.07.23 Letter to Parliamentary Secretary for Health from SFFA re food policy

The SFFA is not alone in calling on government to develop and implement integrated food policies. Community, consumer and industry bodies alike recognise the need for action on this front.

  • Consumer advocates CHOICE have called for open and transparent processes for developing food policy and standards to ensure that stakeholders, including consumer and public health groups, can have input into decision-making and assess the evidence and basis for decisions.
  • The Australian Food & Grocery Council has expressed its disappointment at the lack of policy to ensure that Australia’s largest manufacturing sector – food and grocery – has a robust future.
  • Recognising that Australia’s food system faces emerging pressures stemming from climate change, insecurity of the agricultural water supply as well as the growing likelihood of the peaking of global oil production, the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance contends that the Australian government must develop a national policy on food.
  • The National Farmers Federation has submitted that government needs to work with industry, right through the supply chain, in a strategic and long-term way to make sure policies are geared to Australia’s interests – domestically to keep quality high and prices competitive and globally to meet surging demand.
  • The Food Alliance – formerly the Victorian Food Security Coalition - is encouraging the state government to develop a government wide, integrated healthy and sustainable food strategy with targets for achievements and resources for implementation and evaluation.

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Food Summit Declaration 2009

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The SFFA Food Declaration sets out the position of the Alliance in calling for a NSW state food policy.

It was developed during 2009 through a series of regional  forums and a Food Summit under the heading : ‘Hungry for change’.

In 2010 SFFA will be using this declaration as an advocacy tool to lobby for the development of a state food policy council.

DOWNLOAD... Food Summit  Declaration -  (PDF 81KB)

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The Parents Jury

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Presentation by Kathy Chapman, at the SFFA Public Forum: Food Fight!  March 2010.

DOWNLOADThe Parents Jury (pdf 3.71 MB)

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Food Policy Councils: Lessons Learnt

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 Food Policy Councils: Lessons Learnt is an assessment based on  an extensive literature review and interviews with the people most involved with Food Policy Councils.

DOWNLOAD…Food Policy Councils:Lessons Learnt (2.9MB pdf)

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Food Action for Health: What Works and Why?

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Keynote address by John Coveney at the SFFA Food Summit, Hungry for Change October 2009.

DOWNLOAD … Food Action for Health: what works and why? (pdf 1.07MB)

John Coveney is a Professor in the Discipline of Public Health at Flinders University, Adelaide. He has established a high profile as an energetic advocate for, and spokesperson on, health promotion and food policy issues through regular contribution to academic, professional and public activities, conferences and debates to influence health policy and practice. John has worked in clinical nutrition, and community and public health in Australia and overseas. He is the author of two books, numerous book chapters and peer-review articles. He is currently associate editor for the journal Critical Public Health.

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