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Setting up a Food Co-operative

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This brief paper is designed to give practical information to schools and community organisations about food co-operatives. It outlines options for setting up and running food co-operatives and describes five successful models.

DOWNLOAD:… Setting Up a Food Co-op.

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Report – The Cost of Inaction on the Social Determinants of Health

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The World Health Organisation in 2008 detailed how member nations could improve the health of their populations by reform outside of the health system.

Within Australia, low-income earners suffer twice the amount of chronic illness than high-income

The National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling (NATSEM), report released by Catholic Health Australia (CHA)  shows if we improved the health of low-income earners, there are savings to the taxpayer and gains for the economy to be made.

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READ…   The Cost of Inaction on the Social Determinants of Health      Report 2 /2012


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Organic Garden Promotes Health

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Article from the Liverpool Champion:

Organic gardening promotes health

20 Jun, 2012 12:00 AM

TO HELP the Miller community become more self-sustainable and ensure the security of its food, The Hub has started an ambitious but thriving community garden project.

The project will run in eight-week instalments until October and will teach residents how to plant and manage organic gardens to grow vegetables and herbs that are not only delicious but also have medicinal value.

Miller Hub health promotion officer Andrew Reid said herbs like basil, parsley, chilli, mint and oregano had already been planted.

“We’ve planted things that people use every day in their cooking,” he said. “This is to encourage people to be more conscious of nutrition as well as sustainable living.

“Food security and nutrition are big issues that already exist in Western Sydney. This program gives people practical lessons and information they can use at home.”

Mr Reid said the project taught people how to grow their own vegetables at low cost, that were low maintenance, in a small area.

“This is a capacity building program that encourages community strength,” he said. “Part of managing good health is to address health problems.

“We’re addressing issues of social isolation and food insecurity, as well as teaching residents to develop a skill so that they don’t have to buy as many groceries and compete with a low income to make ends meet.”

The free project is open to all and runs 10am-2pm every Friday. Join at any time.

Details: The Hub,


READ…  Organic Garden Promotes Health

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Benevolent Society introduces new mobile kitchen

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A 6.5 tonne shipping container that converts into a mobile kitchen is being used to break down cultural barriers and increase community cohesion in south west Sydney. The kitchen is the first of its kind in Australia.


The Benevolent Society’s “Taste Mobile Kitchen” will be based at Banksia Road Public School in Greenacre, where it will be used to teach kids to cook produce that they’ve grown in their own school garden.


Manager of Growing Communities Together, Cathy Quinn explains that students and their families will learn how to prepare simple, healthy and affordable meals. “Good nutrition is so important for these kids and their families, but the Taste Mobile Kitchen goes further than that and bridges cultural divides. We take one ingredient, such as a vegetable, herb or spice, and show kids how its used in a variety of different cultures.”


The reason for making the kitchen mobile is that it opens up opportunities for it to be used elsewhere. When it’s not being used by Banksia Road Public School the Taste Mobile Kitchen will be available for hire, with the income generating funding for community initiatives and subsidising the cooking classes at the school. “We’ve designed the kitchen so it can neatly fold into a shipping container and be transported to events like festivals and food fairs,” explains Cathy.


The mobile kitchen has already made its successful debut at the Campsie Food Festival in June 2012, and its next outing will be at the Bankstown Bites Food Festival on Saturday, 14 July.


For information please call Zizi Charida on 9707 0802

or visit www.tastetours.org.au


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SFFA Bimonthly Meeting 5 July – 2 Speakers, GE and Foreign Ownership

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GE presentation with Frances Murrell from MADGE
In July 2010  Melbourne-based Frances Murrell, co-founder of Mothers Are Demystifying Genetic Engineering (MADGE)  spoke on  concerns regarding health and food security.

Frances was profiled this year in this piece in the Weekend Australian magazine. She recently spoke at an international conference on GM.

We should be selling the milk and not the cow:

Catherine Rogers  spoke on  what we know about foreign ownership of agricultural land and its impact on future food security

Over the last few days, the question of rapidly increasing foreign ownership of Australian agricultural land has been headline news, highlighting the lack of planning by State and Federal governments for Australia’s future food security.

Catherine Rogers has been investigating sovereign wealth funds and the implications for Australian farming land, and will speak about who is taking up this issue and what is currently on the table to ensure we don’t ‘sell the farm’ before we notice.

You can view Frances Murrell’s talk on  YouTube.

Part 1 (9.59 min)

Part 2 (9.01 min)

Part 3 (7.07 min)

Part 4 (2.11 min)

Part 5 (10 min)

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Refugee Nutrition

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Workshop presentation by Nazmul Ahasan at the SFFA Food Summit, Hungry for Change October 2009.

DOWNLOAD Refugee Nutrition, NSW Refugee Health Service (pdf 1.36MB)

Nazmul Ahasan is a community dietitian at NSW Refugee Health Service. Nazmul has a passion for working with disadvantaged communities, and a particular interest in food security. He has worked extensively with refugees, homeless people and Indigenous communities. In addressing food insecurity of refugee population, currently Nazmul is focusing on community development and social cohesion, developing personal knowledge and skills of refugees, developing and maintaining strategic partnerships with stakeholders and settlement service providers, and also advocacy.

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Access to Food For Older People

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DOWNLOAD:…Food security for older people (PDF129KB)

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