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The Right to Food Coalition

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New times have brought new agendas, new people, and new ideas …

The SFFA believes that the Right to Food Coalition is the perfect new platform for its advocacy work on food security.  Interested to know what it is all about and be part of it? visit the Right to Food Coalition website and join the organisation (membership is free) to be part of the large network of individuals and organisations dedicated to the idea of a food system that is fair to all.

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Putting Food on the Table Conference Website NOW LIVE!

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The website for the Right to Food Coalition’s Putting Food on the Table conference is now live!

VISIT THE CONFERENCE WEBSITE NOW! http://righttofood.org.au/

Confirmed keynote speakers include Joel Berg (New York City Coalition for Hunger), Catherine Harding (The Good Foundation/Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food), Martin Laverty (Catholic Health Australia), Professor David Adams (University of Tasmania) and Aunty Beryl Van-Oploo (Yaama Dhiyaan Hospitality & Training Centre/Gardeners Lodge Café).

REGISTER NOW AT http://righttofood.org.au/register/

Early bird rates will be offered until 22 August 2014. Subsidised and scholarship conference tickets are available for eligible participants (see website for more details).


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Right to Food Coalition Conference 2014 – New webpage

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The Sydney Food Fairness Alliance is proud to be supporting the Right to Food Coalition’s inaugural food security conference called Putting Food on the Table: Food Security is Everyone’s Business. View the ‘Right to Food Coalition Conference 2014′ webpage on the above tab for regular updates!

The Right to Food Coalition comprises representatives from a range of Sydney based organisations working to raise the profile of food insecurity. We believe everyone has the right to access fresh, nutritious, affordable and culturally appropriate food. Putting Food on the Table is our first collaboration and aims to stimulate discussion and action on this important issue.


About 5% – or over a million – Australians regularly can’t put adequate food on the table to feed their families. The numbers are even higher in some areas and amongst particular populations.  This hidden hunger may not be visible, but can have serious short and long term effects on health, education, employment and productivity.

We’ll be tackling this challenge at an important conference on food security, Putting Food on The Table.

Held from the 13 & 14 October 2014 at Casula Powerhouse, this two day event will bring together policy makers, academics, community development workers, and health promoters, exploring solutions at a range of levels:

Governance solutions: policy, planning and stakeholder collaboration

Population solutions: focused on target groups, such as refugees, Aboriginals and other marginalized communities

Community solutions: social enterprises, emergency food relief, action on food waste, community food access projects

Communications solutions: education, research, food literacy, outreach, labeling

More information about the Putting Food on the Table conference can be found at the Right to Food Coalition Conference website. Details about the website will be coming soon. Watch this space!

Please forward enquiries about the conference to info@righttofood.org.au

We hope to see you there!


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